How Do Prohormones Work?

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How Do Prohormones Work?

Article Courtesy of Muscle Research found here  Published 21/7/2017

If you are looking for a way to enhance your muscle growth or have had trouble achieving the gains you hoped for naturally, you likely have stumbled across prohormones. This oral supplement type can provide powerful muscle growth support, albeit at a much slower pace than their illegal steroid counterparts, to help improve both strength and size. Sounds easy enough, right?

Let's jump in and see how prohormones work.

Unlike traditional steroids that require injections or transdermal applications for supplementation, prohormones are taken orally in a capsule form. The most common ingredient used in modern prohormones is DHEA, or Dehydroepiandrosterone. While there are many derivative compounds of this hormone, each works in a similar way to provide slight androgenic effects without common side effects associated with steroids.

Traditional steroids provide immediate testosterone boosts in a synthetic form. However, this is not the case when supplementing with orally ingested prohormones. While prohormones do provide the same outcome and will convert to testosterone, the process takes much longer and is in no way immediate.

This happens because prohormones have to be processed by the liver to convert into a usable form. Once this conversion happens, the body now has a usable form of testosterone that can assist in enhancing muscle growth. However, though the process is simple, proper precautions must be taken.

Because prohormones are processed by the liver, having proper on-cycle liver support and an effective post-cycle treatment is critical. The purpose of a post cycle therapy is to return the body to a normal state and negate the negative side effects attributed to altered hormonal levels. Failure to follow a proper PCT is dangerous and can cause lasting problems and a loss of gains.