Maximizing Prohormone  or SARMS Gains During a Cycle

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Maximizing Prohormone or SARMS Gains During a Cycle

When using prohormone or SARMS supplements there are a variety of ways you can get the most out of them. It IS possible to help promote further muscle gains while undergoing a prohormone cycle. It is important to take a few different aspects into account to maximize prohormone gains during a cycle.

Utilize On-Cycle Support
Proper on-cycle support during a prohormone cycle will serve 3 distinct functions. By ensuring these functions are accounted for, your body will be more reactive to the prohormone you have used. The 3 key supplements for an on-cycle support will include:

  • Estrogen Blockers – Estrogen blockers are important for regulating the natural testosterone produced by the body when using prohormone supplements. This can help ensure your body is in the best state for muscle growth.
  • Liver Support – Toxins can be created as prohormones are processed through the liver. To avoid negative side-effects, it is important to use a liver support supplement.
  • Natural Test Boosters – Because prohormones utilize synthetic testosterone, it is important that your body still produces adequate amounts of natural testosterone. This can also help avoid negative side-effects.

Bottom Line: Utilize On-Cycle Support Supplements

Adjust Your Diet
Prohormones help the body synthesize protein and promote calorie absorption. This can be incredibly beneficial when increasing your caloric intake with clean proteins. Depending on your end goal, bulking or cutting, prohormones can help manipulate your diet.

  • Bulking – If you are hoping to bulk during a prohormone cycle, it is important to greatly increase your caloric intake. In some cases, this can equal thousands of calories. Utilize a mass gainer if necessary to help push your caloric intake.
  • Cutting – When cutting during a prohormone cycle, it is important to decrease the number of carbs being consumed during the cycle. Whey protein can be utilized because it is quickly absorbed. This can help boost overall metabolism.

Bottom Line: Adjust Diet Based on Goals

Push Boundaries
If you think a prohormone is going to magically make your muscles bigger with no effort, you probably shouldn’t be taking them. It is important to push yourself in the gym and set goals to help maximize the benefits of the cycle. Remember cycles are limited time frames, make the most of them by pushing yourself in the gym.

Bottom Line: Lift Heavy, Lift Often