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Post Cycle Therapy

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You know what really grinds my gears? When guys drop hundreds of dollars on a prohormone or AAS cycle and try to cheap skate their way through their post cycle therapy. I really don’t get it. Hundreds of dollars are spent to make gainz in the gym, but by half assing your post cycle therapy you never fully reboot your natural testosterone production. Because of this this your natural testosterone production is in the toilet and you lose a hefty percentage of the gainz you paid for because you have no testosterone to keep them. Essentially, you just wasted god knows how much money on your cycle, money on food, money on supplements, and one other thing you’ll never get back. TIME.

No other PCT product on the market completely addresses the four (4) most menacing side effects of a completed anabolic hormone cycle.

Lets go back to How Prohormones work. I said that when erogenous testosterone is added to the body (via prohormones or AAS) that natural testosterone production was shut down. But how?

We’ll start from the end of the loop. Testosterone is produced by the testes. Testosterone breaks down into its metabolites estrogen and DHT. Having estrogen in your system is what keeps your body from freaking out and producing even more testosterone. When large amounts of estrogen are present in the blood the hypothalamus is signaled to begin shutting down your natural testosterone production.

The hypothalamus stops releasing, GnRH which is responsible for signaling the anterior pituitary to release LH and FSH which tells the testes to make testosterone. More testosterone equals more estrogen. More estrogen shuts off your natural testosterone production forcing you to rely on the erogenous testosterone you introduced into the loop unless you go through post cycle therapy.

So what happens physiologically if you slow or shut down natural testosterone production?

  1. Reduction of libido
  2. Reduction of erection strength
  3. Testicular atrophy
  4. Possible infertility
  5. Increased body fat
  6. Decreased muscle mass
  7. Loss of strength
  8. Depression

Can you now understand why it makes me angry that people fail to use post cycle therapy properly? There’s no excuse to either be cheap or ignorant when it comes to your health. If you put things into your body, understand how they work and what steps you need to make to return your body to equilibrium. I hope your paying attention. There will be a test at the end.


D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) has been proven to help the natural snythesis of LH and testosterone without interfering with the negative feedback loop. (You can view the study here.) Using this product can help reduce the stoppage of our natural testosterone production while on cycle. 

Other products that naturally boost testosterone while on cycle are:

  1. Test Infusion by Premium Powders
  2. LJ100 by Olympus Labs
  3. King Pin by Iron Forged Nutrition 
  4. TST 750 by Double Dragon


So by now we’ve either taken prohormones or AAS and we’re getting ready to finish our cycle and our natural testosterone production is slowed or completely stopped depending on either dosage used or length of cycle. Now we need to jump our negative feedback loop and start the natural testosterone production again. This will be the beginning of your post cycle therapy.

I’ll never suggest that you partake in illegal activity, because, well, ya know, its illegal. But I’ll offer the information and let you figure out how to acquire it. Clomid and Hcg are the two products that are used to jump the LH/FSH loop. Hcg is administered intramuscularly while clomid is usually found in liquid form and taken orally. Again, this stuff is an illegal substance. You are, or should be a grown adult if you’re thinking about using this stuff. You can make your own grown up decisions.

Now if you’re looking for over the counter post cycle therapy products that won’t get you community service hours if your taking them, we’ve got that for you. Check out:

  1. Testavate by NutraClipse
  2. Post Cycle by Protein Factory
  3. Elim1nate by Olympus Labs
  4. PCT 350 by Double Dragon

Without restarting your natural testosterone production with post cycle therapy, it can take anywhere from 2-6 months for your body to fully rebound from your cycle


After jumping the LH/FSH cycle to start the production of natural testosterone there is a large spike in estrogen within the body. It can be so bad in some people that it causes gynecomastia as well as increased fat gain. Our products listed above have been made to crush estrogen during post cycle therapy so you won’t suffer from these side effects.


Seriously people. As I said above, why are you spending hundreds of dollars to make gainz in the gym but neglect your mental, physical and sexual health? It’s always better to be on the safe side than to completely underestimate how much product you will need to complete your post cycle therapy. If you have extra on hand the worst thing that will happen is that you’ll need it. You won’t but up doodoo creek without a paddle and developing gyno while you wait for more product to be shipped to you. And I was just kidding about the test.