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Article Courtesy of Muscle Research found here  Published 21/7/2017 If you are looking for a way to enhance your muscle growth or have had trouble achieving the gains you hoped for naturally, you likely have stumbled across prohormones. This oral supplement type can provide powerful muscle growth support, albeit at a much slower pace than their illegal steroid counterparts, to help improve both strength and size. Sounds easy enough, right? Let's jump in and see how prohormones work. Unlike traditional steroids that require injections or transdermal applications for supplementation, prohormones are taken orally in a capsule form. The most common ingredient...

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When using prohormone or SARMS supplements there are a variety of ways you can get the most out of them. It IS possible to help promote further muscle gains while undergoing a prohormone cycle. It is important to take a few different aspects into account to maximize prohormone gains during a cycle.Utilize On-Cycle SupportProper on-cycle support during a prohormone cycle will serve 3 distinct functions. By ensuring these functions are accounted for, your body will be more reactive to the prohormone you have used. The 3 key supplements for an on-cycle support will include: Estrogen Blockers – Estrogen blockers are...

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